we can also help prepare a financial statement or report for your business or even for individuals.  This financial statement can include but is not limited to balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and statements of the owner/shareholder’s equity.  Our goal is to make your financial statement as easy to read as possible while clearly outlining the financial status of the business or individual being analyzed. They offer many benefits to businesses, some of which include the below.

Financial Statements Preparation Basic Aspects

  • A balance sheet on the business that includes the assets, liabilities, and anything else that directly impacts the bottom line.
  • A section on comprehensive income, which is also referred to as a profit and loss statement. This part of the financial statement includes income and expenses, as well as profits over a given period of time.  It can also include the cost of manufacturing the good or service in addition to sales of the goods and services.
  • A section on earnings per share which outlines what a share of the company would be worth per share or what it is worth per each share. This number is calculated by taking the total net income and dividing it by number of shares in the company.
  • A section on changes in equity that analyzes the worth of the business for a given period of time.  This can include entries on profits, net income, sales, and more.
  • A section on the owner/shareholder’s equity which shows who owns how much of the shares, as well as what may or is publicly traded.
  • A section on cash flow which reports on all of the money moving throughout the business and can include operating expenses, payroll, taxes, investing, and more.